Micro-corrugated cardboard

Two-layer F profile micro-corrugated cardboard

Production of mcc (micro corrugated cardboard) in Ukraine

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Microcorrugated cardboard "F" profile is a two-layer corrugated cardboard with a thickness of 0.8 to 1.2 mm. This cardboard differs in quality of its flat layers and color - brown, white, coated. Unlike ordinary cardboard, microcorrugated cardboard due to its thickness has better strength characteristics, and is used for lighter designs, but allows you to create a strong and bright packaging.

One of the advantages of microcorrugated cardboard over cardboard is the fact that to achieve a given level of strength requires less raw materials. Microcorrugated cardboard packaging has better assembly and bending strength with the less weight at the same time.

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MICROCORRUGATED cardboard produced by UBI Pack Studio

2-layer, F profile brown / brown

MICROCORRUGATED cardboard produced by UBI Pack Studio

2-layer, F profile white / brown

двухслойный микрогофрокартон

Two-layer F profile micro-corrugated cardboard

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This kind of cardboard is often used for so called so-called lined packaging, when a printed sheet is glued to it. It is impossible to print on a two-layer micro-corrugated board without lining.

This type of microcorrugated cardboard is used for packaging of various goods or products weighing max 3 kilograms.

UBI Pack Studio manufactures F-profile microcorrugated board, which has excellent product characteristics:

  • Humidity resistance;
  • Low weight;
  • Possibility of bending;
  • Certified raw materials;
  • Optimal price - quality relationship;
  • Simplicity and ease of processing;
  • Excellent design characteristics.

Main advantages of microcorrugated board:

  • Lightweight and durable construction - thanks to corrugated layers, the contents of such a package will be protected from mechanical damage;
  • Micro-corrugated cardboard can be used to produce packages of large and small sizes.
  • It is possible to create multicolor packaging with increased strength characteristics;
  • Recycled raw materials are used for production of microcorrugated cardboard. It provides support for the tendency to resource saving in the national economy. Microcorrugated cardboard packaging is easily recyclable.
  • The wave profile of microcorrugated cardboard contains about 127 waves over 30.48 cm. Due to the high density of corrugated cardboard, it is possible to obtain a perfectly flat surface with a rigid structure. Usually, corrugated cardboard is lined with offset or coated paper for further printing in an offset machine.

Application of micro-corrugated board

Since F profile micro-corrugated board has both good strength and excellent bending performance, it is mainly used for packaging production. Such packaging has proven itself to be perfect for implementation of packaging solutions in the perfumery, souvenir, pharmaceutical and food industries.

Sizes of bobbins

The width of the bobbins (1000 mm, 1400 mm, 1500 mm) makes it possible to cut microcorrugated cardboard in sheets of 700 x 1000 mm and 640 x 1000 mm. This sheet format is suitable for most printing machines and allows the use of cardboard sheets with minimal waste at the finished package output.

Non-standard sheet sizes are cut for each customer separately, in such event sheets cost and production time usually increases.

Ready-made two-layer micro-corrugated cardboard in standard sheets (700 x 1000 mm and 640 mm x 1000 mm) is always available and can be purchased immediately by paying and picking up from our warehouse.

Our resources

UBI Pack Studio offers F profile double-layer micro-corrugated board sheets. Our company has unique production facilities and impressive experience in manufacturing of micro-corrugated board. For production we use materials of different density, both for flat and corrugated layers.

Benefits of working with UBI Pack Studio:

  • For sale with no middlemen involved;
  • Long-term experience in production;
  • Powerful equipment of the latest generation;
  • A wide range of finished products in stock;
  • Clear compliance with the delivery terms;
  • Low prices;
  • Quick delivery.

The UBI Pack Studio design department is ready to implement the most complex wishes and requirements of customers. We manufacture profile F micro-corrugated board in Ukraine according to European quality standards. UBI Pack Studio — package approach to production of printing materials.

Where micro-corrugated board is used

Micro-corrugated packaging for technical goods and electronics

Microcorrugared cardboard box

In combination with this design a box made of such a thin but durable material as laminated micro-corrugated board, looks elegant and attractive. It is characterized by increased strength, which makes it unreplacable for packaging fragile and expensive items.


Micro corrugated cardboard packaging for table ware

The best material for packaging is two-layer micro-corrugated board, which has the necessary strength and aesthetic characteristics and meets all the requirements. Micro-corrugated cardboard of F profile is usually used. The thickness of the material helps to reliably protect table ware, avoiding damage and scratches.

Packing boxes and ready- to- use packaging

Retail and logistics have special requirements for the design of shelf tray boxes and ready- to-use packaging. They offer the particular benefits of product and packaging protection, fast shelf filling, easy opening, disposal and high visibility for individual packages. We develop solutions that meet all technical parameters.

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